Hi friends, I'm Weston. I'm an all-out, whole-face smiler with the early onset wrinkles to prove it! It's just as well, I do most things in life with whole-hearted intensity.

My passion for the arts started at a very early age with a love of music; a shared family tradition! I play the violin and piano, and I'm a trained singer. And while I can often be found performing everything from musical theatre to classical choral music, I'm certainly not above grabbing a beer with friends and wailing some "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" at a karaoke bar.

I love to travel! I enjoy the adventure of the unknown, but mostly I like the beauty of meeting new and different people. I have eaten with refugees in Eastern Europe, wandered the narrow, cobblestone streets of Venice with my dad on the father-son trip of a lifetime, and have been lost at some point in basically every new place I've ever been. Eighteen countries and counting, and I consider myself truly blessed to have friends from all different walks of life. I believe that diversity is one of the most beautiful gifts we have as human beings, and we are richer for embracing it.

My grandma once told me that I look different every time she sees me, and it's true, I fluctuate rather dramatically between pizza season and running season. But I think she's more likely referring to my regularly updated hair-do and trendy wardrobe choices. Give me vans and a backwards hat on Monday and an anchor-print bowtie on Tuesday, I'll rock them both! And while I'm all about an ever-changing personal aesthetic, when it comes to weddings, I LIVE for timeless, classic beauty.

A refined three-piece suit and ballgown or a pair of well-tailored tuxes and you will almost assuredly catch me geeking out a little bit, because that's what I do. I'm passionate about the things I love, but none more-so than the people I get to do life with. And I'm so glad you're here, because this is step one of our awesome new friendship!