woodson castle

Allyson & Shane | Mt. Woodson Castle

I knew I was going to have a blast photographing Allyson and Shane's wedding when I asked what they were most looking forward to about the wedding and they responded, "the food and the dancing". Yes, please!!!

Allyson and Shane met in the freshman dorms at UCSD, and although she instantly thought Shane was cute, it would be a year and a half before they started dating. Allyson's deep love of Disney quickly squeezed its way into the relationship as she convinced Shane to buy an annual pass to Disneyland, where he would later propose on their second anniversary!

During the wedding day, these two were all smiles! Their love for each other is so apparent. As we were photographing portraits after the first look, I asked Shane to look toward the camera. His response? "But want to look at Allyson. She's so beautiful!"

After a beautiful ceremony, officiated by their freshman resident assistant, we went for a stroll under the oak trees where we photographed some seriously swoon-worthy portraits. And, of course, the dinner and dancing that followed did not disappoint!