Kirsten & Krishan | Publick House Historic Inn

As a photographer, I rely on images to tell the stories that words often can't, so I'm really glad I have all of these images to show just how special Kirsten and Krishan's wedding day was. Kirsten has been one of my dearest friends for many years and I had the enormous joy of both photographing her wedding AND being part of her wedding party (which means you get to see some images of me tearing up the dance floor)!

Kirsten and Krishan might be one of the best examples of "opposites attract" that I've ever met. Kirsten is whimsical, energetic, and LOUD! (I can say that because we're friends and because I'm probably just as loud). Krishan is methodical, calm, and quiet. But for all the ways they are different, they have one particular thing in common: music. 

Kirsten and Krishan are two of the most gifted musicians I have ever met. Their mutual love of choral music is what initially brought them together. If you've ever had the pleasure of watching this choral conducting power couple at work, then you know that they operate like a well-oiled machine. And if you've had the pleasure of calling these two your friends, then you know that, for all the ways they are different, they are so very right for each other.

Kirsten and Krishan's winter wedding in Sturbridge, MA was everything a winter wedding should be! The ceremony at Notre Dame Catholic Church was jaw-dropping. The snowy fields and forests made for beautiful portraits. And the Publick House Historic Inn was a cozy location for the reception. And when most of your guests are musicians, you know there's going to be some great dancing and good ol' karaoke!

I could go on and on about all of the reasons I loved this wedding, but as I said before, the images will do a much better job anyway. Kirsten and Krishan, thank you for your friendship and thank you for inviting me to play such a special role in your big day. I wish you the happiest of marriages and many years of beautiful music!