Anastacia & Garrison | Windansea Beach Engagement Session

AHHHHH, talk about a DREAM engagement session! When I suggested that Anastacia and Garrison get all dressed up to jump in the ocean, they were all for it! This gorgeous and adventurous couple braved the cold water to make make the most epic engagement session images ever! And it was indeed, quite cold. I love the laughter and shock on their faces when the waves finally reached them!

Garrison and Anastacia are two brilliantly fun and upbeat personalities who are both living the California dream! Garrison is an actor and a model and Anastacia is a dancer. I know, I know... how lucky am I to get to photograph such an incredible couple?!?! Windansea Beach in La Jolla was the perfect setting for this dreamy engagement session. Anastacia wore a gorgeous, flowy dress that caught the breeze beautifully, and Garrison was looking very Prince-Eric-esque is his blue pants and white button-up. Basically, everything was perfect. The weather was beautiful. The sunset was lovely. They were cuddly and cute. And I'm just a really, really, REALLY happy photographer!

Joelle Pacifica | Newborn Session

I will never forget the nervous anxiety I felt in the hours leading up to my very first wedding. Josh and Audrie, dear friends from college, had asked me to photograph their big day. I was petrified. What if something went wrong? What if my camera malfunctioned? What if I missed an important moment? As if I wasn't stressed enough, I got in my car only to discover that it wouldn't start. Thank God for amazing roommates who let you borrow their car at the last minute!

Anxious and flustered, I arrived at the condo in Imperial Beach where Audrie and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Audrie and her mother greeted me with big smiles and outstretched arms, and as I hugged them, my nerves melted away. It was an instantaneous and monumental shift in my very core. I was overcome with peace and I began to enjoy the day. I witnessed beautiful moments between parents and children and watched two families come together. In those moments, I became abundantly aware that I was a part of something so very special.

Several years, one new car, and many weddings later, I still think of that day when my life changed so drastically. It truly was the beginning of a new and beautiful career and I am forever thankful to Josh and Audrie for giving me the opportunity. So it was the joy of joys when my very first wedding couple invited me to their home to photograph their newborn baby girl.

I had the privilege of snuggling and hanging out with precious Joelle earlier this week and my heart was bursting. Joelle is as perfect as they come. As I photographed this beautiful 6-day-old girl and her sweet parents, I was astounded at how happy and calm she was. She didn't fuss or cry once. It turns out that little Joelle already lives up to her middle name, Pacifica, which means peaceful. While spending time with this beautiful family of three, I thought back to that day when my nerves melted away and I, like sweet Joelle, felt happy and calm and peaceful. And, once again, I was abundantly aware that I was a part of something so very special.

Before our session ended, we made a quick trip to Imperial Beach just a few blocks from Josh and Audrie's home. And as we pulled into a parking spot, they pointed out the very condo where where my nerves melted away and my career as a wedding photographer began. How's that for full-circle?

Elly & Aaron | Shelter Island Engagement Session

Holy cuteness! Elly and Aaron are as sweet as can be, and their engagement session proves it!

Elly and Aaron are incredible musicians and I've had the pleasure of singing with both of them on many occasions. In fact, it was their mutual love of music that brought these two together! Elly and Aaron got to know each other while singing in San Diego's professional choir, SACRA/PROFANA. It has been such a joy to watch these two amazing people fall in love, and now, to get to share in the telling of their story!

Because San Diego has been such an integral part of their story, they wanted to include the skyline of America's Finest City in their engagement photos. So, we headed to Shelter Island for what would be one of my very favorite engagement sessions to date! Elly and Aaron are affection, kind, funny, and an absolute joy to spend time with. This made photographing their engagement session all kinds of fun!

Elly asked me if I had a favorite image from their session, and I honestly can't pick one! They're just too stinking cute! Maybe you can pick a favorite! Enjoy!

Allyson & Shane | Marian Bear Park & Scripps Pier Engagement

The only word I can find to describe Allyson and Shane's engagement session is MAGICAL! First of all, these two are absolutely adorable! They make each other laugh and it's impossible to not to enjoy yourself when hanging out with them! We started the engagement session at Marian Bear Park to capture San Diego's teeny sliver of fall. The leaves, sweaters, and cuddles made for a perfect autumn session. 

We later moved to Scripps Pier where we were lucky to have one of the most epic sunsets I have ever seen! Shane and Allyson dipped their toes in the cold water and walked along the beach as the sky exploded with the most incredible colors! I was like a kid in a candy store while photographing the vibrant sky and this fun-loving couple.

Thanks for bringing me along, you two! I cannot wait for your wedding!