You are fun-loving community builders and the party is always at your house. You'll always toast to hanging out with friends and family, because they are your world! And the most exciting part of your wedding is that it means gathering all of your heart's favorite people into one place!

You're a little bit traditional, but you let your quirks shine through. Sure, you're wearing a lace ballgown and tailored suit, but you can still bust some epic dance moves once your favorite throwbacks start playing. Just because your ceremony is in a church doesn't mean you can't have the most epic dance party reception!

You all-out, nerdy-love the things you love, especially your true love. Because being weird with someone else is so much more fun than being weird by yourself! You're vulnerable, and emotional, and sincere. You wear your heart on your sleeves. Whether in grand gestures or hand-written "I love you"s, you're a sucker for romance, and the thought of your perfect wedding day makes you more than a little giddy

You are the reason I do what I do. I like photography, but I love people, and you probably do, too!